Renewed this blog

Just released days.gem, the simple blog system built up with Sinatra, and migrated this blog from Lokka.

And, I'll never write Japanese-only article for this blog, please see also for Japanese entries.


Days is simple blog system built up with Ruby + Sinatra.

This system's big feature is: core separated from deployment.

To set up days and start it, we have to do:

$ gem install days
$ mkdir my_blog
$ cd my_blog
$ days init
$ days migrate
$ days server

by days init, days.gem generates simple Gemfile, config.yml, and

But you can customize appearances by placing haml views to views directory.

Core application part is included in days.gem, and it's required by and gem bundler.

I'm writing tutorial and documentation of days.gem. Stay tuned, please!

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